water from fire

Water From Fire is a collective of worship leaders and musicians from Charlotte, NC. Their music toes the line between Christian and secular - touching on elements of faith but within the setting of today's unpredictable world.

Their live show ranges from ear splitting energy to pin drop quiet while always staying focused on an honest vocal delivery with rich harmonies.

Their songs are a diary of loss and love... pain and triumph... sacrifice and reward. 

They recorded their debut album at The Stereo in Charlotte, NC. Released in April 2020, this album serves notice to anyone searching for music that is as honest as it is uplifting.







John T. Woodall


John Woodall has been performing in various mediums in the arts world since childhood. He is an award winning vocalist at the collegiate and professional levels. Woodall was invited to perform his song "Stand Tall" on the Fox and Friends morning show in New York City. He is also the Executive Director for Camp4Heroes - an organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and transitioning of veterans and first responders from their lives of service back into civilian lifestyles. John is currently one of the worship leaders at Matthews United Methodist Church. John and Kevin met at UNC Charlotte in the music program, and the journey that this collaboration has taken Woodall on has changed him both musically and spiritually for the better.

kevin brawley


Kevin Brawley is equal parts musician, teacher, worship leader, and studio rat. He has made a career for himself out of being lyrically open and honest about his flaws, mistakes, and scars. He has been writing, performing, touring, and releasing original music for more than two decades. He is a nationally awarded public school music teacher, and regularly speaks at teaching conferences about how to better approach music education for students with autism and students impacted by trauma. There is no reason he can give as to why he should even be alive today, but he plans on living each day as gratefully and compassionately as he can moving forward. He has committed to sharing the good news of grace that was offered to him when he least deserved it with others who may feel the same as he once did. 

ryan devenney


Ryan Devenney was born and raised in Matthews, NC. He began taking guitar lessons at age 10 and hasn't stopped playing since. He now plays guitar and bass and has a passion for both performing and producing music. He has played everything from modern Christian to metal but specializes in RnB and pop.

jonathan jimenez


In Middle School, Jonathan joined the student music group at his school and held a guitar for the very first time. It also was around that time when, after discovering the music of bands such as Air Supply, Chicago, Paco de Lucia etc., he felt the calling of the music and thought “this is what I want to do”.

When he was seventeen, he moved with his family to Charlotte NC , where he still resides. With the help of the many friends he had in town at the time, he joined the worship team at his church and has served as music director ever since - filling the roles of bass guitar, electric guitar, and keyboards. 

This quote has stayed with him throughout his career, "To fill a big venue - first you need to empty a small room and stay there on your own. It's in that solitude that interesting things are created.”



Trevor started playing drums at the age of 12 and has watched his career take off ever since. He started performing at his small local church in Matthews NC. He has since been able to evolve his craft and step outside of the worship drumming world, while still having a strong foundation in Christ. Trevor currently plays for Elevation Church, but has also played for many other artists throughout North Carolina. Trevor could not be more stoked to be a part of Water from Fire.