Water from fire - 2020



Much like the band's moniker, this collection of songs represents triumph over adversity, victory over struggle, and acceptance that we are not strong enough to achieve this on our own. The band's faith is weaved throughout this EP, but never in a way that overshadows the uncertain reality we all face on a daily basis. Occupying a space shared by bands such as NEEDTOBREATHE, Mumford & Sons, and John Mark McMillan - Water From Fire transform pain and loss into an uplifting musical experience. 

Born from writing sessions at The Stereo in Charlotte, NC in late 2018 - this album is the brainchild of John T. Woodall and Kevin Brawley. They had both reached a point in their personal lives where they were ready to say something greater and more meaningful together than they ever had on their own. 

The songs "Caroline" and "Home" were born from these first writing sessions. "Caroline," the first single and video, (available HERE) began the collaboration that would shape the direction of the rest of the EP. The song was written and re-written many times over, with each iteration coming closer to the core of what absolutely needed to be communicated musically and lyrically.

This idea of stripping away anything that was not vital informed every decision the duo made moving forward. The album was meticulously recorded, engineered, and produced at The Stereo in Charlotte, NC and released in April 2020. 

Due to the current restrictions, all tour plans have been put on hold, but the band (now a 6 piece full ensemble featuring other worship leaders and musicians from the Charlotte, NC area) has been active in its community in the meantime - performing original and cover compositions to memorialize the shooting victims at UNC-Charlotte from 2019, performing and releasing worship sets from various locations, and performing outreach duties as a part of their schools, churches, and communities. 




 KB - This feeling I've had deep inside, it's been weighing on my mind
Finally it's breaking through. I want to give it to you. 
There's no faking anymore, I'll scream it from this empty floor
Nothing more that I can say. It all starts today. 

I see it right in front of me, I'm nervous but I still believe
This is where I'm meant to be, it's you and me and
Everything I ever was and all the things I might become 
disappear in front of you, my heart tells me to see this through

JTW - I've heard about this thing called love, a little fear and a little trust
I can feel it digging in underneath my skin
The hardest thing I'd every say are words that never gave away
just how much I want you, I want you to stay

Don't act as if I tried to hide
I sat you down and swallowed my pride
Now scars once closed are open wide
Would have been much easier, 
so much easier, 
if I had just lied...
But you are my final truth
Everything I owe to you
You saw through my old disguise,
stared into my bloodshot eyes, and said
"I'm not giving up on you. 
Even if you tell me to.
I'm the one to see this through. 
You're with me and I'm with you." 



When you search for silence, and all you find is violence
Your head begins to rule over your heart
All of these shattering images start
to pull you back in, and slowly tear you apart

How long has it been since you laid down
your sword, your shield, and you came out
half of the person you were once before?
You kneeled by your bed and you silently swore
that after that day you would fight no more... 

But the fight's just begun for you, my friend
When it seems you're stuck in a war that you can't end
All of the memories and all of the times
are buried inside you - they're not left behind

You were not meant to carry this weight on your own
You can call on me and I'll carry you home.
Home to your love, home to your life,
home to the one sleeping safe by your side
home in the place you know you can be whole...
Brothers and sisters, come home!

Take all of the pain from all of this fight
I want none of this darkness and all of your light
Give you all of the glory with all of my voice
All of this chaos and all of the noise
Disappears when you cover my heart from above
Surrounded in grace, surrounded in love
I still know I'm not perfect, and I'll never be
I'll keep fighting for you, 'cause you're fighting for me



Caroline, remember how we used to lay
Caroline, always remember us that way
Back when life was simple, and I was here to stay

Caroline, the fire burns in the night air
Caroline, still smell the smoke in your hair
Laying on that hillside, kissing you without a care

Caroline, when you screamed out my name
Caroline, I knew our lives would never be the same
I was just a boy trying to find his way... funny, some things never change

Caroline, I don't know why I had to go
Caroline, do all the tears on your face still show? 
I didn't know what I was running from then, and baby I still don't know

Like a stone in the river, like a stone in the river
I've been sitting way too long, waiting for a change to come
It's time to roll, it's time to roll

Caroline, come and kiss me again
Caroline, let's laugh about the times we used to spend
Took some time to realize some lovers are better off as friends



Walked into the church one day
You spoke and took my breath away
I asked you on a coffee date
You said I think that'd be ok

Walked together by the riverside
That's where you put you hand in mine
The heavens opened up to say
I met my best friend today

I've lived the first half of my life without your love
And I won't waste another moment 
I've become a better person than I ever thought I could be
When you became the other half of me

You leaned in but I turned away
Just couldn't find the words to say
So I sang a song I wrote for you
You smiled at me when it was through 
and in your eyes I knew my life had changed
I'm in love with my best friend today

We stood together in a quiet place
Hand in hand with no complaints
As the rain washed all the world away
Only you and I remain
Two words and a kiss we gave
I married my best friend today



Every road that you walk down
Every scent and every sound
Every stone under every tree
Pushes you further away from me

So what's wrong with a little conversation as we go?
What's wrong with another name next to yours in the steam in the window?

You say you're just trying to get back to solid ground
I say love finds you when you're lost - not found
You say I'm full of it and talk out of both sides of my head
I say, that's fine... just baby please come back to bed

We've got to keep fighting without anymore fighting
We've got to keep dancing and smiling regardless of the timing
We've got to stand strong to face these fears
'Cause baby I'm not willing to let this love disappear

We're headed somewhere, we just don't know where

We've got to keep fighting without anymore fighting 
We've got to keep dancing and smiling regardless of the timing 
We've got to stand strong to face these fears 
'Cause baby I'm not willing to let this love disappear

Every road that you walk down 
Every scent and every sound 
Every stone under every tree 
Brings you back to me